June 10, 2020

As you may now be aware the 2019/20 season is finished in terms of all games/leagues and training for all Grassrooots clubs. This is in line with the FA ‘s decision and announcement on 17th March. The latest Government & FA update is that groups of 5 can now work with a coach as long as specific and strict protocols are in place. This is definitely something we could deliver and is great news that things are slowly moving forward. I know lots of our players got really excited by this news and we have had lots of requests to start back next week J

We completely understand this and we are missing you all so much too!!  However at present there are a number of reasons this is not feasible for us and we wanted to take the time to explain things to you properly:

-CP is on the “at risk” list and it will take a bit more time for us to go back than maybe some other sports and football teams.

-Our region in the NW is very badly affected and unfortunately we are behind other parts of the country so need to be even more vigilant, sensible and patient.

-Partington is still closed as are all our other venue sites so we must also wait for them to start to open and put appropriate safety measures in place

-We are working towards renewing our FA affiliation for next season. The platform to do this is now open at some County FA’s however the majority of staff at all the County FA’s are still on furlough meaning there will be a potential delay in the affiliation process…and no affiliation means no public liability insurance, so until this is in place we are unable to train.

We will keep you up-to-date with the situation and our plans as they evolve. We know it is frustrating, but please know we are working very hard in lots of different ways to make sure we can get back to football as safely and as soon as possible.

For now: We will also continue to do all we can to stay connected with all our players and their families.

Stay calm  Stay safe  Be kind  Look after each other

… Keep washing your hands! 🙂