As part of our FA charter standard status all coaches are up to date with their safeguarding qualifications.

Our committee members and trustees have also/are also completing the FA online safeguarding course.  As a club we follow best practice guidelines and want to ensure EVERYONE feels safe and welcome at all times.

Our Club Welfare Officer is:

Andy Ridgway: 07732 825127

We are in the process of appointing another officer (Phil Coney) as the club continues to grow so does our commitment to this very important element of the club. All welfare and safeguarding matters are confidential.

Dan Carter:

We are very lucky to have Dan Carter as part of our staff, as most of you will be aware Dan is a sports psychologist and can offer support to our players regarding their development and any challenges they may face as an athlete.

Maximum Edge:

Maximum Edge are a very welcome addition to our club and a long term support to all players, staff and families. Maximum Edge focus on lifestyle management and support. For more information and opportunities to link in with them please contact any of the coaches and we can help you set it up.

Both Maximum Edge and Dan Carter have podcasts which reinforce all what they talked to the players about so please go on their websites and take a look.


The Child Protection in Sport Unit:


Child Exploitation & Online Protection :

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children:

Sporting Change Clinic: