November 23, 2020

Due to the national lockdown it was officially confirmed that as of Thursday 5th Nov 2020 all our centres will be paused again for 4 weeks (Please note this could be increased depending on Government and FA decisions in December) If the lockdown ends on 2nd of December as planned then we will be back at Partington on Saturday 5th December IF the centre reopens and County FA staff come back off furlough. (the same will apply for our Cheshire and Liverpool centres) Please note we are still waiting for access to our Kendal, Carlisle and Blackpool venues and promise to reopen these as soon as we can.

We know this is disappointing and will be difficult for some of our members to process.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help us become COVID compliant and get 3 out of our 6 centres back up and running.

Thank you also to everyone who attended for making it so easy to manage by following all the protocols we have in place.

This is just a PAUSE!!!! A shorter one hopefully and we will be back. We will keep in touch via Zoom and ensure we all stay connected.

Look after yourselves and each other and if CPUFC can help you with anything please get in touch.

Keep smiling and stay as active as you can